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Owning a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Let 1st Valley CU help you make the most out of your home. We offer several mortgage products specifically designed with you in mind. If you have Credit card debt, are in need of home repairs, or want to do an addition, now is the time to refinance! Take advantage of our many mortgage solutions and competitive rates today.

Options to Prevent Foreclosure

As your credit union, we are aware that current economic conditions have created
a challenging situation for many individuals and families to meet their financial obligations. If you are facing difficulties making your mortgage payments, our recommendation is to take immediate action and call your lender or a certified housing counselor (see information below).

Whether your loan is with 1st Valley Credit Union or another institution, most lenders are willing to work with you to keep you in your home. Please remember, however, your lender is under no obligation to offer or accept a workout, and the lender has the discretion to decide to offer potential remedies.

Options that may be available to you include:

Repayment Plan

The lender may accept an agreement to help you get current with missed mortgage payments by creating a schedule for repaying the past-due amounts.

Loan Modification

The lender may present an option to change the terms of the mortgage to make payments more affordable. Examples include an extension to the term on the loan or change a variable interest rate to a fixed interest rate.


The lender may allow reduced or suspended payments for a short period of time, after which another option will be agreed upon to bring the loan current. A forbearance option is often combined with a repayment plan or modification to bring the account current at a specific time.

Having Trouble Making Payments on 1st Valley CU Mortgage Loan?

If you are having trouble making payments to your mortgage at 1st Valley Credit Union, we will work with you to explore affordable options so you can keep your home. Give us a call at (909) 889-0838.

So we can better assist you please have the following documents available:

  • Account number
  • Most recent pay stubs or recent W-2 tax statement
  • Proof of other income such as alimony, child support, or disability
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Promissory note (if first mortgage is not with 1st Valley CU)
  • Any other mortgage documents
  • Homeowner’s insurance policy
  • A written financial statement detailing your income and expenses
  • A written statement explaining your financial hardship

Additional Resources

FHA Assistance Program
The Federal Housing Administration’s HOPE for Homeowners program offers affordable refinancing options to homeowners at risk of default and foreclosure. The program is effective from October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2011.

Home Foreclosure Guide

View the article at

HOPE NOW Alliance
Mortgage industry counselors, servicers, and investors have combined forces to provide outreach and assistance to homeowners in distress. Visit HOPE NOW or call 1-888-995-HOPE (1-888-995-4673).

HUD Homeownership Counseling
For a comprehensive list of community counseling agencies visit Department of Housing and Urban Development click here or call 1-800-569-4287.

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If you have less than perfect credit but are looking for great Loan Rates, Personal Banking, and professionals who can help you rebuild your credit, we have you covered.

If you have less than perfect credit but are looking for great Loan Rates, Personal Banking, and professionals who can help you rebuild your credit, we have you covered.

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