We are open to all residence in San Bernardino County. If you do not live in SB County but you maintain employment or worship in SB county, you are eligible for membership.

You can locate your member/ account number on the top right corner of your monthly statements. Simply log into your online banking, hover over the “Member Services” tab, select “eStatements” and click on your most recent statement.

Log into your mobile app and on the bottom of the screen click on the camera icon titled “Deposit”. You will be prompted to make a “New Deposit”. Make sure to endorse the back of the check with your signature and the wording “For mobile deposit at 1st Valley CU only”.

You can view your balances for any of your accounts and/ or loans through your Online Banking portal on “ItsMe24/7”.

Contact the loan department for assistance.

You can find your routing and account number at the bottom of our webpage at https://1stvalleycu.com/.

T activate your debit/atm card call 18664662351 and you will be prompted to go through the steps of activation.

To reach someone in the office please call (909)889-0838.

To check, log into your online banking to make sure your payment was applied to your account.

To make a payment towards your credit card you can login to your online banking and make the transfer or you can log on into https://www.ezcardinfo.com/ to make an online payment.

Yes! All funds are insured to up to $250,000 by NCUA.

Visit the NCUA for information on how to recognize, take action, and protect yourself and your personal financial information from frauds and scams.

The maximum amount that you can withdraw is $500 or you can contact 1st valley to change the limit.

Our ATMs are located here at the credit union, but we are affiliated with co-op.

Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned by the members of that credit union whereas banks are for-profit institutions owned by shareholders.

Yes! Here at 1st Valley, we do offer business accounts.

There are many benefits of being a member of a credit union, for example, better savings, lower loan rates, and the investments in the community.