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Introducing the new Chip Card!

New Cards includes the latest chip technology which provides an added layer of security and greater protection against fraud!

How does it change the way I use my card?

At a store: if you are at a terminal that accepts chip cards, you’ll leave the card in the terminal while the transaction processes. If the terminal only accepts a regular magnetic stripe card, then just slide your card as usual.

At an ATM: when depositing or withdrawing from a chip card enabled ATM, you must insert and leave your card in the ATM while the transaction is in process. Once your transaction is complete you can remove your card.

VISA Check Cards

Enjoy the convenience and freedom of a VISA Check Card from 1st Valley Credit Union

As easy to use as a credit card but with the convenience of a checking account.

Use your VISA Check Card as at ATMs to get cash, transfer funds, or check your balance.

Make purchases debited directly from your 1st Valley Credit Union checking account.

Will That be ATM or Debit (Make The Smart Choice)?

When making a purchase with your Check Card, choose the Credit option instead of Debit. Here’s why…
There are two ways to make a purchase with your card. The first way is as a Debit transaction, or with your PIN number. The second is as a Credit, or Signature transaction. Both ways debit your checking account but the Signature (Credit) purchase costs the credit union and the merchant less than a PIN (Debit) purchase.

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