24 Hour Access

24 Hour Access to Your Money

1st Valley Credit Union proudly provides world-class online banking through the convenient It’s Me 24/7 portal. From there you can do just about everything you could in-branch during regular business hours but with 24/7, it’s just that, 24/7 access wherever you are. So even if you’re in your PJs you can check transactions, download to Quicken or Money, view and print check images front and back, transfer funds, or even pay bills online.

A Variety of Online Conveniences

– Free Credit Reports
– Visa Applications
– Shop for a Car Online
– Check the Latest Rates Deposit Accounts
– Check the Latest Rates on Loans

Convenient ATMs Throughout The US and Canada

With over 25,000 surcharge free CO-OP Network ATMs across the US and Canada you’re always near your money.


CU•TALK makes it possible for you to have direct access to your 1st Valley Credit Union accounts with just one phone call.It’s easy. Just dial (888) 778-0311and follow the prompts.